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About Us

Glitters, established under Glitters International is a brand with 25 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing handles. The driving force of ‘Glitters’ is the desire to produce handles of unmatched quality and elegance, creating essential furnishing accessories for all homes. Handles from Glitters are not mere home accessories, but reflect your unique taste with contemporary design elements, quality material and constant innovation. Our products have always been distinguished by careful attention to quality raw material, advanced polishing processes, uniform electro-plating and protective coating for the longevity of the handles.
We are constantly researching and developing new technologies, and innovating to provide consumers with the best products.

Hitesh Gilder

FOUNDER / Artist

Born in Mumbai, Hitesh is a business graduate, as well as a self-trained artist. He has participated in various art fairs and exhibitions in India and abroad. His passion for art and design lead to the founding of Glitters International. Hitesh has been a part of the hardware industry for 25 years, and is highly involved in all the creative, as well as production aspects of the business.

Turnesh Gilder


Turnesh has completed his Bachelor of Engineering from Mumbai University. He has more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in architectural and furniture hardware. He has worked with renowned architects as a consultant on architectural hardware. He is the digital marketing expert, using his creativity to bring Glitters into the world of technology. Artistic by nature, Turnesh has held solo and group shows of his charcoal paintings in renowned art galleries of Mumbai.