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Furniture legs

Furniture Legs - SCORIA

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Just like waves rippled, undulating, always changing, this furniture legs gives the cabinet or sofas in your home a wave of freshness and a luxurious feel.


Finish Type
    • Sold as a set (1 set = 4 pieces) 
    • Coated with a clear lacquer providing protection against fingerprint stains, oxidation and tarnishing. 
    • Material: Brass
  • Wipe clean with warm water and a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive towels, sponges, cleaning sprays, bleach and hand sanitizers.
    • Plate size: 2.25" * 2.25"
    • Height: 5.5" 
    • Width:  2.25"
    • Screw hole width 5 mm
    • Weight: 625 gms per piece
  • Quantity: If you wish to buy a larger quantity then please write to us for availability as we can dispatch custom / bulk orders in 3 - 5 days, according to the finish you desire.